About Us
Brief History
In July 2012 two friends decided it would be fun to brew their own beer. With new brewing kit costing a fortune, the young team looked to the second hand market and after several weeks of intense negotiation a 30 year old, 10 barrel plant was bought in London and shipped over to VIC. With Jordi as resident brewers and Rafael heading up the commercial efforts, Vic Brewery (VB) was born, named after the local city where brewery is located.
With kit secured, it was time to find a suitably atmospheric building in which to house it. All manner of buildings were considered and eventually rejected until we were eventually shown an old 18th water mill, El Molí de Llobet, that was being painstakingly restored by its owner. Thanks to the commitment to respect the original look and feel of the mill, these historic and beautiful walls now house the brewery.
The Team
Jordi Padrosa – his day job is as a technician at Leches Pascual – he was fed-up making millions of litres of milk every day and decided to make beer on a micro level. His children are getting older and will soon move on from the white stuff to something stronger.

Rafael De Haan – English by birth, Spanish and Dutch by name, he heads up a wine company but thinks the future lies with fermenting hops as well as grapes.
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